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Professor Ashraf Salama has authored and co-edited 10 books on education and pedagogy in architecture and urbanism, theory, criticism, and assessment in architecture, and emerging cities in the Middle East. His books were published in Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, Egypt, and the United States.

Ashraf M. Salama and Marwa El-Ashmouni
(Routledge 2020)
Florian Wiedmann and Ashraf M. Salama 
(Bloomsbury 2019)

Ashraf M. Salama
(Ashgate 2015, Routledge 2016)

Wolfgang Preiser, Aaron Davis, Ashraf M. Salama, Andrea Hardy (eds.)
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Ashraf M. Salama and Florian Wiedmann 
(Ashgate 2013, Routledge 2016)

Ashraf M. Salama
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Ashraf M. Salama and Nicholas Wilkinson (eds.)
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Donatella Mazzoleni, Giuseppe Anzani, Ashraf M. Salama, Marichela Sepe and Maria Maddalena Simone (eds.)
(Intra Moenia 2005)

Architectural Education Today: Cross-Cultural Perspectives
Ashraf M. Salama, Wiliam O"Reilly, and Kaj Noschis (eds.)
(Comportements 2002)

Guidelines for Eco-lodge Development in Egypt
Anne Patterson,  Ashraf M. Salama, Magda Samy, Sanya El-Aroussy, Nicholas Winter, and Ragae S. Abdelfattah 
(USAID 1999)

Ashraf M. Salama 
(Anglo-Egyptian Publishers 1998)

Ashraf M. Salama
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