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The SPATIALITY of the SOCIAL - Webinar: Urban Research and Development Center - Eastern Mediterranean University

Covid 19 Public Space Talk Series is organised to provide a virtual discussion platform to share know-how on the future of our cities and public places. Please join our second webinar by 
Prof.Dr. Ashraf Salama!



The mission of Eastern Mediterranean University's Urban Research and Development Center (URDC) is to improve understanding of and deliver innovative responses to urban challenges by providing a forum of contributions to the quality of urban environment to promote sustainable urban settlements. 

Since its establishment in 1999, committed to serving Cyprus, the Center follows its mission by stimulating research into urban and regional issues and contributing to the knowledge in the field of urban planning and urban design for and on behalf of other parties within Cypriot settlements.

The Center also aims to evoke awareness amongst local people concerning urban environmental issues and to collaborate with other institutions of similar interest and establish inter-disciplinary links both at the local and international levels.

Emerald Open Research - Webinar by Dr Gemma Hemming and Prof. Ashraf Salama

Join Emerald's webinar next week to find out more about how our open access platform Emerald Open Research works and how it can help authors rapidly share their research findings related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Register here:

Initial Responses Beyond the New Normal: Architecture and Urbanism in a Post Pandemic Virtual World

As part of the series of Doctoral and Postgraduate Research Seminars organised by the Department of Architecture, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow UK, the second successful online meeting has been organised on 4th May 2020. 

Chaired by Prof. Branka Dimitrijevic.The meeting included a presentation by Professor Ashraf M. Salama, entitled "initial responses beyond the new normal: architecture and urbanism in a post pandemic virtual world" that explored potential contributions of architecture and allied disciplines to the post pandemic era. The seminar was chaired by Prof. Branka Dimitrijevic.

The primary objective of this presentation is to instigate a discourse about the potential contribution of architecture and urban design and planning in generating knowledge that responds to pressing questions about future considerations of post pandemic architecture and urbanism. Architecture and urbanism as academic disciplines and professions that influence, in many different ways, individuals, communities, and societies, can support efforts through: developing new insights into the impact of a pandemic on cities and urban environments now and in the future; developing new understandings relevant to the characteristics of urban spaces which ensue from these insights; conducting research to comprehend the socio-spatial implications of COVID-19 measures and guidelines introduced by governments and authorities to fight the spread of the disease; identifying new conceptions related to emerging lifestyles which stem from the new spatial environments that integrate working and living patterns; and ultimately developing design responses towards creating healthy environments that successfully accommodate the infected populations while addressing the associated social and psychological ramifications. The highly contagious coronavirus and the rapid spread of COVID-19 disease have generated a global public health crisis, which is being addressed at various local and global scales through social distancing measures and guidelines. This is coupled with debates about the nature of living and working patterns through intensive utilisation of information and telecommunication technologies, leading to the social and institutional acceptability of these patterns as the ‘new normal.’ For further information on a recent relevant article, please visit